Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Public Notice!

 photo sneakyicecreamspottedonbricklanebyasawikmancopyasawikman.jpg
 photo achtungsneakyicecreamspottedonbricklanebyAringsawikmancopyAringsaWikman.jpg

Achtung, achtung!

General warning to the public, sneaky ice creams have been spotted lurking around Brick lane in east London, we even have photos!

Sneaky ice cream alert!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Beware of Sneaky Ice creams!

 photo SneakyIcecreamsketchesbyAringsaWikmancopyAringsaWikman.jpg

 photo workinprogresssneakyicecreamsbannerbyAringsaWikman5copyAringsaWikman-1.jpg

 photo workinprogresssneakyicecreamsbanner4byAringsaWikmancopyAringsaWikman.jpg

Here's a little sneak peek of what I am working on at the moment, we are getting our Bat Country Collective website together and are all making banners for it, my banner has some very sneaky ice creams in it and what ever you do you should not mess with the ice lolly!

There's a short but slightly different interview with me up on BCC's blog, to read it and to check out what we have been up to please click here and stay tuned as all the Bat Country Collective members has interviews coming up shortly!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

London Zoo 2014 part 2

 photo tiger1copyasawikman.jpg

Yes, I should figure out how to get a pension, not die as a struggling artists, how to get a free haircut etc  but I escaped to the Zoo instead and cuddled with a goat, checked out the new sloth baby and all the baby penguins and got completely mesmerised by the cheetahs and their long, slim, gracious bodies built to run - you can really see it when they move.

 photo pygmehippoasawikman.jpg
 photo kamelontcopyasawikman.jpg

 photo dinnertimecopyasawikman.jpg

I have been to the Zoo a few times and there's always something different happening every time, I never seen their albino porcupine Blondie before, and the aardvarks normally always sleep but this time I was face to face with one having dinner while the penguins thought it was to hot and weren't really up for showing off as they normally are. This was also the first time that I saw the cheetahs and the pygmy hippo's, I think that they most be a new edition to the zoo. The hippo's looked very content but the cheetahs seemed bored, but maybe they are only there temporarily and will get a bigger enclosure soon? The Zoo's has improved a lot of the enclosures lately, the tigers have a much bigger space and so does the penguins and some of the owl's but in an ideal world they would all be out free and we humans wouldn't let greed make us self destruct but hey ho, I still have to confess that I really enjoy getting so close to all these amazing animals and sometimes even interact with them, our planet is very cool.

 photo lizzardasawikman.jpg

 photo frogcopyasawikman.jpg

And look at this, a giant walking stick eating!

 photo eatinggiantwalkingstick2copyasawikman.jpg

Monday, 30 June 2014

London Zoo 2014 part 1

 photo nemo2copyasawikman.jpg
 photo reef2copyasawikman.jpg

 photo fish1copyasawikman.jpg

 photo maneter4copyasawikman.jpg

I took the day off and went to the Zoo.

To parents and teachers who let their kids run ape shit and to people who bang on windows and use flash photography and scare the animals even though there are signs every where asking you politely not to - stay at home.

 photo croc2copyasawikman.jpg

 photo seahorse1copyasawikman.jpg

It's the third time that I visit London Zoo and I have mixed feelings about visiting Zoo's - the ego part of me love the fact that I can get up and close to a couple of gorgeous cheetas like this, but at the same time I see how frustrated the male is looking and how they are walking round in circles and seem unbelievably bored - but without the zoo maybe they wouldn't even be alive? But lets not go down that route now as I haven't had my morning coffee, in a perfect world we wouldn't need zoo's, now I am just thrilled to see all these amazing creatures up close and is very amazed about all the creatures that we have on this planet. I got extremely close to the cheetas, so close that I couldn't focus my camera properly, they are impressively gracious and can run go from 0 to 70km an hour in less then a second.

 photo cheetahclosecopyasawikman.jpg
 photo gettingcloseandpersonalwiththecheetascopyasawikman.jpg

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Hemma hos mig

For the first time in 9 years, basically for as long as I have lived in London, I don't live in a total shit hole, I live in a flat that has Swedish living standard and is really nice and to celebrate that I took some pics to show how I live and work. I don't have a flashy studio, my studio is basically a metre from where I sleep and has a nice, big window where I can see Canary Wharf, the Gherkin and big parts of London. I even have access to a small balcony where my pet lives, I am not sure if its a she or a he, very hard to tell when it comes to squirrels, but I call my uninvited pet Bruce after Bruce Willis as he/she so brutally slaughtered every plant and bush I had no matter the size. One day all the plants on the balcony was dead, the next day all their leafs were gone and then I noticed that the little bugger had killed all the plants to take the leafs as well as the biggest ceramic pot and build a nest in it. Squirrels are super cute so I don't mind, who knows, maybe there will be little ones on my balcony soon?

This is were I work but I have to confess, I often draw in bed at nite, a lot of my drawings has been made in bed as I seem to be struck with ideas just before I pass out. Later I clean them up or colour them in at my desk, that normally isn't this empty and tidy - normally its papers every where. I love my desk, its a retro dining table that I found for £20 in a junk sale, no matter where I will go in the world this table is coming with me. 

And that's it, my bed and yes, as you can see I am awful, I have my own prints and cushions and stuff every where, but part of why I started making things was because I was tired of all super commercial designs and wanted more quirky stuff, so I started making them myself.

I am very tired of American films where you know the end before the film even started and you feel slightly insulted as they seem to think their viewers IQ is on a level where you are just about being able to eat, shit and function, and I have over dozed on the brilliant TED Talks so for now I am trying to read more and thought that it might be about time to read some of the big classics, right now I am digging through all the works of Oscar Wilde. If you have any tips of books to read before you die then please let me know.

That's it. I am off to bed to draw!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Lazy Sunday in Hampstead Heath

One of the great things about London is that there is plenty of amazing parks and green spaces to escape to when you want to get away from the busy crowds, traffic and polution. One of them, Hampstead Heath, is about 20min from where I live and I love to go there. Hampstead Heath is not a boring flat park with a few trees, it is a big area with hills, meadows, forests and a lot of ponds, some of them you can actually even swim in, above is a picture of the men's pond and some pics from last Sunday when the sun was shining in London and I went to Hampstead Heath with some friends to have a nap on a field and enjoy the silence.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Sneak Peek, Bat Country Collective at Craft Coffee, Shoreditch

Here's a little sneak peek from the ongoing exhibition with my collective over at Craft Coffee in Shoredicth, London. The exhibition is up and running until 30/6 - big thanks to Orhan who was our drilling super hero and helped us set everything up!

If you would like more info about Bat Country Collective and to stay updated with what we do, then come and join us on Instagram and Tumblr.