Saturday, 14 March 2015

I Like: Advanced Style

Images from the Advanced style blog.

Hi Everyone,

I have been awfully quiet lately, I have been busy enjoying London city; cognac and cocktails in dim-lit  pubs and hidden bars, long walks and exhibitions but also my new hobby; kick boxing - and of course, new exciting projects!

I will exhibit with my Bat Country Collective gang this spring in east London so I am looking forward to that and will keep you posted, until I can share all the new stuff with you I wanted to share a short documentary that I really liked, "Advanced Style", based on Ari Seth Cohen's blog with the same name.

I am well aware of that there's more important things going on in this world then fashion and elderly women walking around the streets of New York dressing how ever they feel like but this is about more if you ask me and in a world obsessed and focused on young people and beauty how inspirational and cool it is to see women at the age of 70-100 being happy, confident, absolutely gorgeous and enjoying life!

See it and let me know what you think.

That's it for now, enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Back in print!

I have gone silent lately. Its the time of the year, I do like the bears and will back in spring!

Until then, I have some good news, The Tiger with Braces design that I did for Super superficial is back in print and this time its available as a t-shirt and sweatshirt in black. To find out more click here

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Budgie Love now in blue/turquoise

 photo BudgieLoveBluemuralbyAringsaWikmanavailableatTheWallerycopyasawikman.jpg
 photo BlueturqouiseBudgieLovemuralbyAringsaWikmanatTheWallerycopyAringsaWikman.jpg

I have good news for all you Budgie lovers, my Budgie Love mural is now also available in blue\turquoise over at The Wallery. The Wallery's murals are made without PVC and are easy to install and come pre-pasted and only requires water to install and to remove and are odorless. Good stuff!

The Wallery ship internationally.

Nåttarö 2014 Part 2

 photo naringttarouml8763copyasawikman.jpg
 photo naringttarouml675copyasawikman.jpg photo naringttarouml2014copyAringsawikman.jpg

Here are some more holiday pics from the Swedish island Nåttarö - I am afraid my camera died so a lot of the photos are taken with my phone and are therefor not of the best quality, but to be honest, its quite amazing how good photos you actually can take with a phone now!

Now I am back in a grey, polluted London and want to go back to the island and barbecue my dinner on various beaches every night and swim in the ocean every day and pro long the summer a bit. I think you appreciate nature, the silence and the fact you suddenly have space just for you and you alone even more when you live in a busy city as London that never goes quiet and were most of us are used to commuting on overcrowded boiling underground trains for hours every day. Here you can switch off and breath.

 photo naringttarouml333copyasawikman.jpg

Nåttarö is a nature reserve and I hope it will remain this way for ever, no one is allowed to buy or to build new houses on this island or turn it into some private holiday resort - people are instead welcome to come and rent cabins or to camp on the small camping and it has one small little kiosk selling ice cream, sweets and magazines in the guest harbour and a small shop by the other harbour that offers fresh coffee and freshly baked cinnamon buns and baguettes in the morning, even have vegetarian mince and sausages and pretty much everything you can want and need. And then theres the pub. That's it. And it's lovely.

But summer, you were way to short.

Nåttarö 2014 Part 1

 photo naringttarouml5copyasawikman.jpg
 photo naringttarouml10copyasawikman.jpg

I never posted any photos from my summer holiday, my camera broke and I can't afford to get a new one or to fix it but was lucky and my friend had a camera so I could borrow it now and then and also, thanks to today's amazing phone cameras, I could take some decent pics with my phone. So, welcome to Nåttarö, an small island in the Swedish archipelago, a nature reserve and my favourite place to go in summer. There are quite a few people who have found this lovely island and has returned to it every summer for generations, but still you can go and find your own little beach to hang out on, with no other people, no cars or traffic, just the endless ocean. A very nice break from busy, polluted, crewded London.

 photo Aringsawikmanarmedwithcameraonnaringttarouml14photojuliahancockcopyjuliahancock-2.jpg

 photo naringttaroumlfsefscopyasawikman.jpg photo naringttaroumlpubcopyasawikman.jpg

From the top, me tkingphotos with my camera, photographed by Julia Hancock, my swim wear drying in the sun and the Nåttarö Pub.

I love this little island and have to go back every summer, this summer we were extra lucky and it was +33C degrees every day - the sad thing though is that a lot of the nations around the Baltic sea have polluted it for decades and boats and ships are allowed to dump shit straight in the ocean, so now if it gets to hot we get seriously problems with poisonous algy and its so sad to see how we are destroying this beautiful ocean. I hope they start doing something about it very soon.

 photo naringttarouml35252copyasawikman.jpg
 photo naringttarouml6576copyasawikman.jpg
 photo naringttarouml12copyjuliahancock.jpg

And that's me, trying desperately to get my camera to work while being photographed by the superb Julia Hancock. Thanks Julia for letting me use your camera and to Jules & Nick for being great holiday companions!

Now I desperately need some morning coffee...

Sunday, 21 September 2014

I Like: The first Law of Kipple

Today is the last day of London Design week so if you are in London, don't miss Dan Tobin Smith's The First Law of Kipple installation in east London, I think thefourohfive describe it better then I do;

"Created from thousands of disparate objects collected by Tobin Smith and donated by the public, The First Law of Kipple brings our material culture into sharp focus and questions notions of beauty and usefulness in design. What underscores this is the sheer number of pop-culture items on display; forgotten icons and obsolesce crowding around your feet."

To read the full article go to;

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Hemma hos: Dani's Drawings

Yesterday I went home to Dani, a super talented illustrator who is one of the magic four illustrators in my illustration collective Bat Country and the person behind the name Dani's Drawings. We were going to have some coffee and cake and discuss our Bat Country Collective web shop that we are setting up, and then she opened the door to her flat and I was completely blown away.

You could spend hours going through all the quirky lovely little details in her gorgeous home, completely get lost on her walls and shelves covered with lovely graphic books, art & illustrations, collectors item and retro record players. I fell in love with her place and had to take some pictures and show it to you, here you go, welcome to Dani's Dawings home;

And if I wasn't blown away enough already, she topped it with a delicious vegan chocolate blueberry cake. Good times :)